In case you are thinking about the glucose tolerance test symptoms you may be interested in whether or not this test will make you sick. Although it is designed to tell doctors whether women have problems with glucose tolerance, in many cases women get sick because of the test.

Symptoms of the Glucose Tolerance Test

Glucose Tolerance Test SymptomsAs you may have heard, some of the pregnant women feel sick and nauseated after they drink the sugary fluid and it is also possible for them to throw up.

In order to avoid situations of this kind you might want to have something to eat before having the test. If you throw up soon after you drink the fluid, you will have to start over at another occasion.

No Worries

Although the glucose tolerance test sign could seem scary, you should know that the majority of women get through it just fine. In case of the three hour test, however, there are a lot more women who get sick. This is because in that case there is more fluid to drink or it is even sweeter.

What is the Test like?

Your doctor will tell you to have about 150 mg of carbohydrates on a daily basis a few days before the test. If you have a healthy nutrition, you should get this amount of carbs if you add another slice of bread to it.


In order to avoid the signs of the glucose tolerance test, you shouldn’t have anything to eat for 14 hours prior to the test; you can only have water. This is why the majority of women schedule the test in the morning. You will have a blood sample drawn before you drink the sugary liquid.

What happens?

You may see the glucose tolerance test symptoms in the following three hours when you will have blood samples drawn every hour. Most probably the technician will alternate the arms. It is important to find some distraction because you will have to sit in the waiting room between the tests.

Grab a Bite to Avoid the Effects of the Glucose Tolerance Test

To minimize the chances of being affected by the glucose tolerance test symptoms, it is a good idea to bring something to eat and grab a bite right after you are done with the test.