The majority of women are asked to have a glucose tolerance test to see whether they have diabetes or gestational diabetes.

Since some of the women felt strange after the test, they could be asking about the glucose tolerance test side effects.

Although officially there are no side effects, still you could see some unusual symptoms.

Doing the right things


In many cases women try to do the right things and they eat and rest after they had the test. However some of them feel spacey, weak and even exhausted.

Even more, in some cases women may feel disoriented and so it could take longer for them to get home.

You should know regarding the adverse effects of glucose tolerance test that after you have a sugar spike because of the glucola that you have to drink, your blood sugar level plummets.

Since this could be a problem, it is best to avoid driving on the day when you have the test.

What do you feel?

Although this isn’t a common problem, the women who give the glucose tolerance test say that they feel bad for a few days after the test. Besides this they also have digestive problems.

The situation could get even worse if normally you don’t have sugar. The high sugar levels could shock your system.

Getting dizzy

The glucose tolerance adverse effects could be even worse in some cases. Sometimes women feel dizzy after they have the test. Some of them get really hungry, so hungry that they can’t think about anything else and they can’t concentrate. After they have the test, women simply can’t do anything and they just wait to get better.

Feeling ‘weird’

Sometimes the glucose tolerance test side effects can’t be correctly described and women just say that they feel ‘weird’. Usually it is a huge problem that women have to drive home and they feel really disoriented. Once they get home usually they lay down and they feel like they can’t get up anymore.

The best thing you can do in case you see adverse reactions to the glucose tolerance test is to lie down and do nothing for a while. Go on with your everyday activities only when you feel like you are really up for them. This way you can be sure that you won’t get injured.

Getting serious

It is possible to see some glucose tolerance test side effects that are more serious. In some cases women start to feel nauseous and then they throw up. In severe cases it is possible for women to pass out. Although this sounds really scary don’t forget that you will still be in a hospital setting.

Long term side effects

One of the biggest problems with the glucose tolerance test adverse reactions is that in many cases women feel bad and weak for days after the test.

As you can see, you’re not the only one having glucose tolerance test side effects.