It may seem just the thing to do after you tried every diet on the internet and failed to lose the flab – have surgery to get in shape. However, while it is true that for some of us, the stomach shrinking surgery could cause the fat to fall away, for many, gastric surgery could mean brittle bones, depression and suicidal tendencies!

gastric surgeryAs the number of people opting for weight loss surgery keeps increasing, concerns about over use are now emerging.

Fears are being expressed that in a whole lot of cases, the surgery is ineffective and fails to offer promised results, can result in several complications and even result in death. Here are some points to ponder:

  • 20% of those who underwent a gastric bypass regained their weight in a few years after surgery
  • Many have to get the surgery performed again due to complications
  • Problems such as brittle bones and consequently fractures, kidney stones and anemia could be caused due to weight loss surgery
  • There could also be a psychological fall out of the surgery leading to suicide in some cases
  • Complications such as leaking bile could cause death due to organ failure
  • Internal bleeding is another possible consequence