Reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicate that 13.8 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2011.

These procedures consisted of surgical, non-invasive or reconstructive techniques intended to correct and enhance certain physical features.

Apart from physical enhancement, patients attest to improved mood and greater self confidence after surgery.

However, like most medical procedures, cosmetic surgery can cost a pretty penny.

Patients need to be aware of the financial costs involved in pursuing cosmetic procedures prior to scheduling their surgery.

Generally, the facility’s administrative support team is experienced in handling predetermination of costs and possible insurance coverage. Sit down with them to explore the options. Typically, any procedure that doctors deem medically necessary will be covered by insurance to the extent that individual policies allow. Corrective and reconstructive surgeries can often be classified into these categories. 

Look for Discounts :

 Elective cosmetic procedures are a different matter altogether. If one’s health insurance precludes coverage for these procedures, work with the doctor’s office for a discounted package.

Doctor’s offices often offer a discount when procedures are bundled together even if the procedures are not scheduled on the same date.

Prepayment will also knock down the medical bill. Another option is to schedule the surgery when the facility is offering promotional pricing tied to certain holidays or events.

Credit Cards:

After exploring these possibilities, determine other financial sources for the pending medical bill. Patients who have access to credit may wonder about what is the best credit card to use for the charges which may be in the thousands of dollars. Credit cards that earn reward points for every dollar spent will certainly rack up the points for substantial charges.

Be aware of the costs of financing such expenses. The bank or credit card issuer will have this information upfront on the monthly statement after the charges are posted but it is handy to know these facts prior to scheduling the cosmetic procedure. 

Payment Plans :

A little-known secret is that most medical facilities offer their own financing plans. These plans are backed by card issuers who specialize in medical financing. Qualified patients can apply for the card or credit plan in the doctor’s office and receive immediate confirmation from the bank. Patients can then use the card for all the costs incurred in undergoing cosmetic procedures.

These credit cards can be used for other health-related expenses as well. Planning for the financial aspect before committing to a cosmetic procedure will reduce the stress on patients so that they can focus on recovery after surgery.

Managing the costs of cosmetic surgery will complement patients’ positive experience so that they can truly enjoy the mood-boosting effects of cosmetic enhancements.