Urinary stress incontinence is a common problem for women starting their middle age. To deal with its discomfort and inconvenience, The Journal of Urology has published in their April 2010 issue, the result of their 2 year study on the use of macroplastique injection as a urethral bulking agent in dealing with urinary stress incontinence.

urinary stress incontinenceThe first 12 months of the study showed success in women who used the macroplastique to relieve them of urinary stress incontinence.

At the end of the 24-month period, 67% of women who used macroplastique were kept dry from urinary stress incontinence, promising to be an effective management for such urinary discomfort – freeing you from embarrassment and feelings of low self-esteem.

Macroplastique proved long term management of urinary stress in women and significantly improved their way of life.

Macroplastique is composed of a permanent silicone elastomer that acts like a urethral bulking agent that prevents urinary leakage in cases of urinary stress incontinence. To further confirm the success of this study, here are the highlights of the results:

12 to 24 months Sustained Success

This was among 84% of women with urinary stress incontinence.

Patients kept Dry

67% of women administered with macroplastique were significantly kept dry for 12 to 24 months.


87% of the women in the study showed signs of cure from urinary stress incontinence.

Improved Quality of Life

Due to the success of the macroplastique gel, urinary stress incontinence is now controlled within 24 months.

Evidenced Based Clinical Improvements

Clinical trials usually mark the success rate of a product; and in the case of users, these clinical trials show the authenticity of the claims from the clinical trials.

Macroplastique is made from a water soluble gel that is absorbed and removed from the body; the silicone elastomer implant on the other hand, is a permanent implant that is not readily observed.

Once again, technology has played an important role in finding treatment and cure for urinary stress incontinence

So if you are one among the many women sufferers, who are already frustrated with your previous treatments, try the macroplastic injection and be free from all your urinary discomfort.

Urinary stress incontinence can be dealt with if you only know which treatment plans will work for you for long term use with less recorded side effects. Urinary stress incontinence can be conquered using macroplastique injection.