Are you confirmed with abnormal Pap smear results? Then, your doctor will recommend a colposcopy to confirm the abnormalities in your cervix.

However, most of you will actually think that an abnormal pap smear results means you have a cervical cancer.

But, in fact most of the abnormal Pap smear results do not necessarily mean that you have a cervical cancer.

Colposcopy is considered as the best procedure to closely examine your cervix.

Through this procedure, it becomes very easy for your doctor to identify the main source for the growth of cancerous cells on your cervix.colposcopy

So, try to alleviate some of your anxiety and interest about this particular procedure by simply understanding it in depth.

Is there any special procedure involved in this colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a simple method and much similar to the procedure, which you will experience during your regular pelvic exam and Pap smear. Colposcope is the special instrument, which is used generally in this procedure. A bright light at the end of the instrument can make it possible for your doctor to closely examine the abnormalities in your cervix.

Your gynecologist will mainly focus on those particular areas of cervix, where the growth of abnormal cancerous cells is suspected. All those abnormal changes in cervix are mostly seen as white areas.

Any kind of abnormal changes in your blood vessels are also rather possible to identify through this procedure of colposcopy.

Is colposcopy painful?

If it becomes very essential for your doctor to take a biopsy sample, then you can feel mild pain and pinching sensation. Relaxing and soothing your muscles as much as possible and also taking slow and deep breaths can be helpful for you to feel much better during the procedure.

Even, it is quite possible for you to experience dark-colored vaginal discharge after the procedure is done. When your doctor takes any sample of the abnormal tissue, then he\she will apply brownish-yellow paste on the surrounding areas of vagina in order to stop the bleeding. If this paste mixes with your blood, it forms a black discharge. It is quite normal for you to experience thick black vaginal discharge for a couple of days after colposcopy is done.

However, by any means, if you are experiencing any abnormal heavy bleeding or bad smelling discharge and also belly pain or fever, then immediately consult your doctor. These kind of abnormal health conditions are considered as sure signs of infection. So, never try to ignore them. Try to follow all those essential measures given by your doctor in order to avoid further infections at your vaginal areas.