Cancer is sure to bring changes in your life with its treatment plans, side effects and also final consequences. The chemotherapy treatment that is administered to treat cancer also initiates certain changes in your body. One such change is the symptoms of menopause. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, you may encounter early menopausal symptoms.

know your menopause to deal with chemo

What is Menopause?

Menopause is basically the end of the reproductive period in a woman. It refers to the changes that you experience before or after your menstrual cycle stops. As you come close to menopause, your ovaries start producing less estrogen and this in turn is responsible for the various changes in your body. It is a stage through which you and every woman have to pass. It is as normal as any other system of your body.

In certain conditions, this menopause stage appears quite early and is termed as “premature ovarian failure” or early menopause. There can be many reasons behind such a condition. One such reason is the effect of chemotherapy. If you are still within your menstruating cycle and is undergoing chemotherapy for any form of cancer, you may face the premature ovarian failure and have premature menopause.

Chemotherapy affects the Onset

Chemotherapy is said to have an impact on the onset of menopause. While undergoing chemotherapy, it has been observed that, you may have irregular cycles or complete disappearance of menstrual cycles. The medicines that are used during chemotherapy may have a harmful effect and thus damage your ovaries. This in turn results in menopause or menopausal symptoms.

It may get delayed temporarily or you may not have it at all. The symptoms of menopause may continue to bother you even after the treatment is over. Till date, research is going on to find out the how and when the treatments of cancer affect your periods. It has been observed that after the treatment is completed, pre-menopausal symptoms take a back seat and the ovary starts its function. The recovery depends on your age and the medications that have been used during the treatment.

Possible Ways to Prevent Menopause During Chemotherapy

The best possible way to manage menopause is hormone therapy. The menopausal stage occurs because your body is unable to produce certain hormones. When progestin and estrogen is prescribed, they are sure to prevent the menopausal symptoms. To know whether this hormone therapy is perfect for you or not, consult your doctor as the therapy is not suitable for everyone.

If you are not able to take the therapy, there are other simple ways to remain healthy with the premature menopausal state. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle to manage your bone health as menopause leads to the loss of bone density. At pre-menopause stage avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. On the other hand get indulged in regular exercises and a proper diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Premature menopause is a serious concern for you if you are undergoing chemotherapy at an early age. So fight it right under the guidance of experts.