Everyone wants the perfect body, figure, physique and health. But not all of us are blessed with a well sculpted body and may have irregularities here and there. While some may not like their arms, others may have a problem with their lips. While some may not have the best hair, others may not be satisfied with the way their buttock is shaped.

But thanks to modern science and technology, it is possible to change the appearance and shape of your buttocks and the procedure through which this is done is called buttock liposuction. The following is some more information about this procedure.

buttock liposuction

What is Buttock Liposuction?

Buttock liposuction is basically the suctioning of the lower back above the buttocks or the back of the thighs just below the fold of the buttocks to create a well rounded yet natural looking buttock shape.  Most of us have a tendency to accumulate fat on the butt area and this could be due to genetics or food choices.

Resistance to exercising or dieting can also be responsible for this. Liposuction helps to trim the excess fat deposits and bring more balance to the body. It is important to remember that this is not a weight loss technique and does not help you get rid of obesity as a whole.

Benefits of Buttock Liposuction

The main benefit of this procedure is that it helps one get a desired buttock shape and trim the excess bulges that may appear unpleasant. Also, a new and trim body shape may encourage people to maintain it by exercising regularly and pay attention to their diet. After the procedure, clothes tend to fit better and one may also experience a new and renewed confidence.

How is Liposuction Performed?

The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia and the doctor will begin by marking areas from where the fat is to be removed. An Intravenous or IV line is inserted in the vein of your arm to balance the fluid levels in the body. A thin tube called cannula is inserted through an incision into the fatty area and then fat deposits are broken down using this tube. The area is sculpted as desired and unwanted fat content is suctioned out with a vacuum. These days, doctors are coming up with newer and more advanced methods to perform buttock liposuction.

How Long does the Process Take?

In most of the cases, the buttock liposuction procedure takes about 1-2 hours but if any additional procedures are also to be performed, then the time can get extended. Most patients are allowed to go home the same day but if there are any medical problems, then one may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

How much Pain is caused in this Procedure?

Buttock liposuction is done under local or general anesthesia and the pain felt is minimal. But the patient may feel pressure, vibrating sensation and movement. Painkillers may be given later to deal with pain felt.