Buttock augmentation or butt implant is a surgical procedure or a plastic surgery process which is opted for by those who wish to uplift their buttocks or enhance its size, shape or appearance. Buttock augmentation is becoming increasingly popular due to advancements in medical science and is done through the surgical insertion of artificial body implants into the buttocks of the patients to result in a shapelier and larger rear end.

This treatment is generally opted for by those who are unhappy with their natural butt size or women who wish to have an hour glass figure.  The following is some more information about buttock augmentation:

buttock augmentationBenefits of Buttock Augmentation

The following are some of the main benefits of buttock augmentation:

  • Buttock augmentation done using butt implants helps to improve the shape and size of the rear end and has proved to improve its overall appearance. Those unhappy with their natural size are the ones for whom this surgical procedure can be very beneficial.
  • Buttock augmentation helps to raise the confidence level in men and women who has flat or unshapely butts. The procedure helps to provide a perfectly balanced figure and an attractive visual appearance.
  • One of the significant advantages of the process of butt augmentation is that implants do not carry any risk of fat reabsorption and is totally safe to undergo.
  • Butt augmentation has the ability to achieve dramatic aesthetic improvement and this is another important benefit.

Risks of Buttock Augmentation:

Like in the case of almost all surgical procedures, buttock augmentation too carries a few risks and the following are some of them:

  • One of the rare complications associated with butt augmentation is that it may cause nerve or muscle damage. In some cases, it can also result in bleeding but this too is a rare side effect.
  • Another risk factor of buttock augmentation is that the butt implants could shift and may cause the buttocks to look asymmetrical with one another. During surgery, the implants are placed above the sitting area to avoid this occurrence but it still may happen in some rare cases.
  • The process may cause some pain because it involves stretching of the tissues. The pain can be dealt with through medication and improves with time.

The Process of Butt Augmentation:

The entire process of buttock augmentation typically takes over a time period of 2-3 hours. The exact time may vary depending upon the experience of the surgeon and the anatomy of the patient.  The butt implants are placed through a cut or incision which is created in the buttock crease or at the place where the cheek meets with the thigh’s back side.  Then a pocket like structure is created so that the implants can be placed inside it by the surgeon.

The implants can be placed both above or beneath the muscle in the case of both male and female.  Then the cuts or incisions are closed after ensuring that implants and symmetrical.  After the procedure, patients are advised to do only low intensity works for a few days.