The breast enlargement without surgery possibility is a highly controversial topic with some experts maintaining that it is impossible. Nonetheless, there are many products in the market that claims it is possible. In the modern times, many women are looking for suitable ways to enhance the size of their boobs.

There is a general belief that the bigger the breasts, the sweeter they are and the tighter the better. The breast enhancement schemes without surgery have been popularized as they are more affordable, cheaper, safer and widely available than surgical solutions. Keep reading here for more tips.

Herbal pills breast enhancement schemes without surgery

According to the Obstetrics & Gynecology June 2003 journal issue, there are breast enhancing herbal supplements that cost about $230 for two months supply. These pills are said to be manufactured from herbs such as hops, saw palmetto, black cohosh and wild yam.Breast enlargement without surgery

All the ingredients are purely natural hence guarantee the user a certain level of safety but they are no guarantee of breast enlargement without surgery.

The efficiency of the pills is still questionable despite the widespread hype of the pills being effective. There is still no adequate scientific research that has been provided by the medication to guarantee clients that the method is indeed efficient enough.

All the bust enhancing methods without surgery have not been clinically proven that they have efficiency to deliver the results they claim to have according to James Well, MD, president of American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Well criticizes the medication further by claiming that it is unlikely that even if it has the contents manufacturers claim it contains that it can improve the size of the bust.

There is no long term observation of the medication hence even their safety is questionable. They are likely to have severe side effects to the users when used over a long time. Before any of these breast enhancement schemes without the surgery is passed, there is need for long term data required.

Breast enhancement creams

This is another strategy of breast enlargement without surgery. Manufacturers of the creams claim that they are all-natural with contents such as potions and fruitless lotions. Nonetheless, FDA website claims that the hype of the creams and lotions having ability to enlarge the breasts without surgery is false.

Many of them are in fact manufactured using synthetic hormones such as estrogen which have ability to enlarge the breasts, but for them to be allowed to be sold with no prescription; they contain small traces of the hormone which may not have significant effects.

Besides, some of them contain detrimental contents that may trigger adverse effects that may trigger dangerous health reactions on the user.


Since time immemorial, bras have been used as a form of breast enlargement without surgery. However, the results are just temporary since when ladies remove the bra they will have to deal with the feeling of inadequacy.

Although breast enhancement schemes without the surgery are still controversial, there are chances of some functioning since they contain supplements hat boost production of estrogen that helps in increasing the size of your breasts. Invest adequate due diligence to ensure that you get a natural product that has at least been passed to be among safe and effective bust enhancing methods without the surgery.