Breast cancer is an aggressive disease which needs an aggressive form of treatment to help fight it. Hormone therapy could be what is needed to help change the way that the body works so that the cancer cannot continue growing.

This is a slower process that may help to remove the threat of cancer from the body.

Certain hormones are believed to help cancer grow in the body so when hormone therapy is introduced, the body is manipulated to stop producing those hormones.

If the tests indicate that the breast cancer cells have an area where hormones can reach them, hormone therapy may be a good option.Hormone Therapy

Estrogen is one of the leading hormones to affect breast cancer. Special treatments are designed to stop the ovaries from making estrogen, such as ovarian ablation. This treatment may aid in slowing down or even stopping the growth of cancer.

Hormone-dependent breast cancer is also common in post-menopausal women. Using hormone inhibitors can help stop certain enzymes from producing the hormones in the body which feed into cancer.

This form of treatment is best used in early stages of breast cancer, although it is also often paired with another form of treatment to help provide a more thorough protection.


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