A breast biopsy is a kind of a procedure which is done to check whether a person has breast cancer or not. The idea of a breast biopsy appointment can be depressing and scary for many females and it is rather natural to feel stressed out since one is unsure of what the doctor’s verdict is going to be.

But one must calm down since undergoing the procedure of breast biopsy doesn’t always mean that one will have a malignant breast tissue. The following are a few of the ways to prepare yourself for a breast biopsy appointment.

prepare yourself for a breast biopsy appointment

  • Educate yourself-the first thing to do while preparing yourself for your breast biopsy appointment is to educate yourself on breast cancer and breast biopsy. You can go through either brochures, books or find information on the internet. You can also find out about all latest procedures and treatments that can help in the treatment of breast cancer.
  • Communicate with the doctors-another way to prepare yourself for a breast biopsy procedure is to get in touch with the doctors and communicate with them. Ask them about the procedure and make sure you know what kind of diet you must have on the day of the biopsy. A doctor can really help you overcome your fears and anxiety as well.
  • Avoid thinking negative -it is important to remain positive and think positively. Try to feel healthy and cancer-free and try to go on with your days as normal days. Getting too stressed out won’t do you any good.
  • Try to divert your mind-try to keep yourself busy by engaging in things you like for example working out, watching movies, cooking, reading or even going for a short vacation.
  • Strengthen yourself-it can be very challenging and difficult to think about the situation when your doctor tells you that you have breast cancer. But it is important to strengthen yourself to face this news rather than totally ignore the possibility. While being positive is important but you must be prepared for the worst case scenario. You can take emotional support from your friends and family during this stressful period and make sure you communicate your feelings with them.
  • Join a support group-if you are extremely tensed or nervous and there is still some time left for your biopsy appointment, then you can even join support group in your neighborhood. This will help you interact with other patients and may prove useful in releasing stress. You will also be able to learn from the experiences of others.
  • On the day of the biopsy-on the day of the appointment, try to book an early morning appointment as this makes room for you to rest through the next part of the day. Also, have a light breakfast before leaving and avoid beverages that may be high on caffeine content. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear and do not forget to ask someone to accompany you for support.