If you heard about the brava breast enhancement before, you should know that for centuries people have been using cell growth in order to enlarge different body parts.

The molecular basis of this method is still researched. These principles of the cell growth are applied by this new system.

Understanding the science of the brava enhancement for breasts

The entire system is based on the principle that all body tissue grows and creates new and normal tissue if there is gentle and uniform pressure applied. The tension of the good skin cells is the mechanism used to achieve normal growth and balance of the human tissue.

brava-breast-enhancementWhen it comes to brava breast augmentation you should know that this is the principle used in case of the skin, nerves, bones, heart tissue, skeletal muscles and smooth muscles.

This growth can be achieved through using an implanted device or an external device. At the beginning the breast tissue is supported to grow with the help of an implanted device.

As a result the brava breast enhancement takes place because of the sustained pushing that makes the tissue grow. In the same time external devices can be used as well. In this case there is a pulling force.

The result is gradual growth of the breast area.

How does brava augmentation for breasts work?

The living cells can sense the mechanical forces and they respond to them through growth, expanding the tissue. Because of the growth, the tension decreases and the cells regain their normal state.

While using the system the cells are under constant pressure which makes them multiply and increase the size of the breasts.

During brava breast enhancement there are two plastic domes used that fit the breasts. These are connected to a small box that is held in place by a sports bra. This actually is a small computer that generates the pulling force and it also records the way your breasts develop.

When you use the brava system for breast augmentation, the air is sucked out from the domes and the breasts get under pressure. The pulling is really mild but it is enough to make the tissue grow and to offer you the results that you are looking for.

How to use the system

In order to achieve the best results with brava breast enhancement you should wear the system for 10 hours per day for 10 weeks. Although the system can be used during the day, a lot of women opt to use it during the night. Due to its design, the system is safe and comfortable to wear.

The entire system of the brava system for breast enhancement has been created taking into consideration the biomechanics and the psychology of the breasts. The pressure inside the domes is distributed evenly so there are no pressure points. As a result, the process is gentle but effective.

As you can see brava breast enhancement is a really good option if you don’t want to have surgery.