In the 90s, it was being touted as the new fountain of youth – human growth hormones that were being used for anti aging purposes, that were supposed to work by reducing fat and increasing the muscle tone of the body.

anti agingThey are said to reduce hot flashes, improve the flagging libido, and raise energy levels, but these claims are controversial – as to efficacy as well as long term safety. It may sound tempting – that growth hormones will replace the hormones that we lose as a result of the aging process and also restore lost libido, energy and good health – so that we can all be 30 or 35 again.

But on the heels of increasing popularity of these being used for menopausal women came the increased incidence of breast cancer and heart disease. So the popularity of this tapered off.

Then came the so called ‘Natural Hormones’ derived from plants which were supposed to be safer and better.

However, what women need to understand is that the so called bio identical or natural hormones sold by anti aging practitioners are chemically the same as those produced by pharma companies. Only the so called natural hormones are not subject to the regulatory requirements.