Many of us remember Lara Flynn Boyle with a face of chiseled perfection and a pencil thin frame in the TV series The Practice. More recently the TV actress was spotted looking thin still but with an incongruously bloated face that was a mute testament to too much cosmetic surgery.

cosmetic surgeryHers is a case of cosmetic surgery gone rather hideously wrong and makes a good argument against plastic surgery in general. It is important to remember that women who choose to go under the knife or needle (as in the case of Botox), are choosing to take a not insubstantial risk and are choosing to be injected with some deadly chemicals which actually work by paralyzing your face muscles.

Women do have to ask themselves if the chance of looking better or younger is worth all the effort and the risk; to say nothing of the cost of all these different procedures that promise to make you look a certain way.

Yes there are success stories that result from plastic surgery and other invasive cosmetic treatments but there are an equal number of disaster stories – witness the case of Nicole Kidman and her completely artificial looking visage that now looks as though someone took a steam iron to it.

So if you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, think long and hard about it, the consequences, the risks (of it going horribly wrong) and whether in the end if it’s actually worth it!