Women and their body functions are conditioned by a very complex chemistry. A woman’s body is controlled by hormones and its well being depends a lot on a fine balance of these hormones.

The alternative medicine stepped forward in the last decade introducing women to the impressive world of natural supplements.

natural supplements for womenWomen have special needs and thus it is essential that these needs will be met with specific products.

There are many natural supplements that can help maintain good health. These include herbs as well as nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

Provided these supplements are 100% natural and come from plants grown in an organic environment, they can really help the female health.

Some important minerals that a female body needs are calcium, magnesium and iron. Calcium is essential to maintain bone health and magnesium more so as it helps the body to absorb calcium.

Both these minerals are required to maintain the general health of the body especially under the conditions of long working hours and elevated stress.

Iron is a vital mineral needed to avoid anemia and blood deficiencies. Lack of this mineral can lead to fatigue and weakness.

In addition to these minerals the body needs EFA or essential fatty acids to support and maintain general good health.

The consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, green leaf vegetables as well as yellow and orange ones is essential to provide the much needed nutrients like DIM, Zeaxanthin , Lutein  and quercetin.

These minerals have shown promising results in cancer related studies which covered breast and colon cancer.

Some other natural products that help promote good health in women are plant derived bioflavonoids and antioxidants that can be obtained from green tea, Ginkgo Biloba, olive leaf extracts, blueberries, ginseng, maitake mushrooms and even pineapple.

Before deciding on taking over the counter herbal supplements, make sure that they are standardized extracts with no fillers like corn starch, sugar, silica, rice starch, gluten, artificial flavors and coloring.