Conventional Hormonal Replacement Therapy uses synthetic estrogen and progesterone and is known to cause various side effects. It’s even linked to women reproductive cancers. Today, as complementary and alternative medicine reaches the popularity, natural hormone replacement therapy may be a better option for women.

natural hormone replacement therapyA study as early as 2003 by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) showed that conventional hormonal replacement therapy placed women at higher risk for developing invasive breast cancer, heart disease and stroke.

For this reason a lot of women opted not to take any hormonal replacement therapy for fear of developing more serious illnesses with its use. Today, natural hormonal replacement therapy changes that mindset.

Benefits Of Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Natural or bio-identical hormones

Natural hormone replacement therapy is very much like the natural hormones of your body which makes it easily absorbed and used by the body with less, if not without side effects.

Unlike conventional hormone replacement therapies which, though with the same properties, produce a different chemical reaction leading to certain side effects.

Less toxic for the liver

Natural hormone replacement therapy is administered transdermally through patches, gels and creams or sublingually, which is unlike oral estrogens that put so much stress on the liver when it passes it for breakdown and absorption.

Natural hormone replacement therapy does not pass the digestive system keeping the liver safe from hapatotoxic substances.

Accurate and personalized dosage

Natural hormone replacement therapy is unlike conventional method that uses a generic standard of dosage. With natural hormone replacement therapy, dosage is customized according to several factors like age, weight, blood hormone level and presence of pre-existing conditions before determining the exact dosage to correct the hormone deficiency.

If you are worried about your current hormone therapy, see a professional health provider with proper training on natural hormone replacement therapy.

And receive a personalized natural hormone replacement therapy that is made from yam or soy, which undergoes a series of chemical processes to ensure that it mimics the body’s natural hormones.

Natural hormone replacement therapy not only decreases the incidence of side effects, but more importantly prevents many serious illnesses.

Natural hormone replacement therapy cannot replace the real hormones, but it is the only one that comes close to the real thing. That is why side effects and the peri and menopausal symptoms are controlled and illnesses prevented.