The question of how to treat thrush depends upon the kind of infection a person has, and the severity of this. Thrush or Candidiasis is a condition that can be mild, causing vaginitis or oral thrush or it could be severe and even life threatening in rare case.

Various different treatments for the condition are available, however before deciding on how to treat thrush, it is important to make a definitive diagnosis of the condition.

How to Treat ThrushAntifungal medications (antimycotics such as clotrimazole, topical nystatin, fluconazole, and topical ketoconazole) or antibiotic medications, oral as well as topical could help fight the infection, but equally there are alternative remedies for thrush available such as:

Nutritional therapy for thrush

Cutting out foods that increase mucus production, such as milk, sugar, honey, certain fats is known to help the symptoms of the disease. Wheat and wheat products, canned and processed foods, are not to be eaten. Even fruits shouldn’t be too ripe and artificial sweeteners and flavors are a no-no.

Herbal medications for thrush

Natural herbs such as wormwood can help to treat thrush naturally since it fights parasites and is a digestive tonic. Some users also recommend calendula tincture to help cure thrush.

Plantain seeds and psyllium seeds can constitute an effective remedy – soaking these for long periods can create a gel like result which can then be applied topically.

Live Cell Oxygen Immunocomplex or aerobic yeast is also thought to have a curative effect on thrush infestations. In addition to this, olive leaf extract is also seen to be effective against thrush.

Coconut oil is also thought to have thrush fighting properties and can be applied topically. Enteric coated garlic pills and enteric coated essential oils are also natural thrush remedies.


Having live yoghurt or probiotics orally can help repopulate the gut with healthy flora, which can fight against the symptom causing parasitic infestation.

The acidophilus remedy consists of taking tablets and/or rubbing the powder areas where the thrush manifests. Some also suggest that tampons soaked in yoghurt can be inserted and this is one of the remedies how to treat thrush.

However there is also a divergent view here, that this could actually trigger thrush, so this remedy ought not to be tried without the benefit of medical supervision.

How to treat thrush with Colloidal silver and homeopathy?

Though many experts contend that colloidal silver and homeopathy are ineffectual against thrush, there is anecdotal evidence to show that colloidal silver can ease candida symptoms.

Also those who take this remedy claim to be able to withstand other common infections better as well. With homeopathy, use sulfur 200 potency the first thing in the morning to help alleviate symptoms.

We end this article with the disclaimer that before you decide how to treat thrush; whether by using natural remedies or pharmaceutical intervention, a proper diagnosis of one’s condition is vital to be made.

Also any remedy that is preferred should be cleared with one’s doctor so that there is no risk of interaction of medicine and so that there are no contraindications for any remedy.