When it comes to alternative medicine, the majority of people instantly think about the celebrities that seem to be willing to try just about anything that is out of the ordinary.

Alternative medicine can be described as being a practice that is not considered to be standard and that cannot be learned at a regular medical school. In case you are interested in such practices, there are some that can be performed in a hospital setting, while some others need some special ‘equipment’.

Celebrities and Alternative MedicineMany of the different kinds of alternative medicines have a long history such as Ayurveda or homeopathy. Although some people think that they are a waste of time, there is some evidence that those people who have actually tried some of them have seen positive results.

Some of the celebrities are also into alternative medicine.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2004 she has been spotted with a black dress and a line of welts that have been circular on her back. At first people were a bit puzzled, but it seems like she has been tying some parts of the Chinese medicine, more precisely cupping.

This is done through placing a cup or a cone on the skin and creating vacuum with the help of hot air or by suck the air out. This is supposed to improve the blood circulation in the area, offering relieve from pain and bring Qi energy to the given body part.

Michael Flatley

He has been known to have given up his show because of a mystery virus. It looks like the choreographer has found a cure in the Plexus system. This is known to be using a kind of bio energy and it is supposed to cure through creating a balance or energy within the body.

Christy Turlington

She has been known to be using Ayurveda and we have to add that she isn’t the only one. Madonna, Cherie Blair and Goldie Hawn are also known to be using the same kind of alternative medicine. She is really into this kind of yoga and she truly believes that there are five elements and three doshas that make up people, and them being in harmony for the happiness and health of the individuals. The main point in case of Ayurveda is using yoga, exercise and also meditation.

In case you are interested in any kind of alternative medicine, you have quite some options to choose from.