In England, a “Walk in Walk Out” 10 minute procedure has been offered at a private clinic that claims to render women infertile permanently.  This short procedure can be quick and completely private, it is claimed, since the blocking of the fallopian tubes leaves no marks upon the body.

sterilizationThis hands the women the opportunity to have the procedure done in complete secrecy; even from their partners if so required, and has been described as a ‘Secret Lunch Hour Sterilization’.

The promotional material for the procedure describes it like this: “Women can elect to have the quick and painless procedure when it suits them – and their partner won’t be able to tell”.

This has earned criticism from many medical experts, who have described the procedure as “cynical and unethical” and encouraging of dishonesty between partners.

According to Consultant gynecologist at the clinic, Martin Farrugia, there are many reasons why women would elect to have this procedure – because they think their family is complete and don’t want to tell their partners, or because they have complicated lives with multiple partners and so on.

In this procedure, women have complete control, and privacy, and there are no visible scars to deal with.