If you are asking what are the symptoms of chlamydia you should know that in many cases the infection is asymptomatic, meaning that there are no noticeable symptoms.

If a patient does show symptoms, these appear about 1-3 weeks after he or she had unprotected sex.

Information about the symptoms of chlamydia

As it has been mentioned before, the majority of women don’t have symptoms. Nonetheless they could see the symptoms of conditions associated with chlamydia. One of them is cervitis.

what-are-the-symptoms-of-chlamydiaHalf of the women affected by cervitis show no symptoms at all. If there are signs these include pain in the abdomen and vaginal discharge.

When thinking about the chlamydia symptoms you should know that an infection of the urethra is also common.

In this case the symptoms are the ones typical for urinary tract infections, such as frequent and urgent need to urinate and pain during urination.

Fallopian tubes

In case you are interested in what are the symptoms of chlamydia you should know that such an infection could be very dangerous for the fallopian tubes. The infection could also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease.

If the condition isn’t treated, about 30% of all women get affected by PID. In this case the signs of chlamydia include pelvic cramping, fever, pain during intercourse and pain in the abdomen.

Danger for a future pregnancy

Such infections could result in problems with getting pregnant and may even cause infertility. If the infection gets serious enough, pus and a localized area of infection could appear.

The bad news when asking what are the symptoms of chlamydia is that in very serious cases there may be need for a surgery to save the life of the patient.

As it was mentioned before, chlamydia could be asymptomatic. Because of this the patient receives no treatment, resulting in damages of the fallopian tubes, tubal pregnancy and fertility problems.

Baby issues

Chlamydia, just as gonorrhea, could lead to increased chances of premature birth. Besides this it is also possible for the baby to be infected with chlamydia when he or she passes through the birth canal.

In case of the babies, they could have pneumonia and eye infections. Because of this all babies receive eye drops that can kill chlamydia upon birth. This is a routine treatment for the little ones.

Although you may thing that such treatment isn’t necessary if there are no warning signs of chlamydia, remember that a lot of women don’t know that they are infected. According to the doctors it is best to prevent situations of this kind and this is why they offer the treatment even though it may not be necessary.

Now you are clear on what are the symptoms of chlamydia. As you can see, the different kinds of conditions caused by the infection could lead to different symptoms. It is best to keep an eye out for strange symptoms.