Having fishy odor from the vaginal area! It occurs due to an inflammation of the vaginal area that is an infection in the region of the vagina.

The infection that causes this fishy odor is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are asymptomatic almost all the time. With bacterial vaginosis, you will be unaware of the condition.

It is found that fifty percent of women with bacterial vaginosis exhibit no noticeable symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

In some cases, you may have noticed things such as vaginal discharge more than normal or an abnormal strong and fishy odor with vaginal lubrication and may have neglected by assuming them to be nothing important.Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

However, vaginal discharge and vaginal odor are the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

The symptoms, vaginal discharge and the strong fishy odor, which characterize bacterial vaginosis occurs due to the overgrowth of normal bacteria that usually present within the vagina.

Thus, bacterial vaginosis refers to a change in the natural balance of the healthy bacteria in the vagina. It is also known as Gardnerella-associated Vaginitis or simply Vaginitis. It was named after the bacteria, Gardnerella, that caused the condition.

However, new researches found that the bacteria – Gardnerella is not the only cause for the entire fishy vaginal odor. The condition occurs due to a variety of species that reside within the vaginal area. Thus, the condition has been changed to bacterial vaginosis.

It is the most common vaginal infection affecting 10-64% of all females of reproductive age. It also occurs in young girls as well as post-menopausal women. It is found that one out of every ten women have Bacterial Vaginosis at some time through out their life period.

A change in the vaginal discharge is the symptom of bacterial vaginosis where the discharge becomes thin and cloudy, an extreme white-grayish vaginal discharge that is more than normal, and the color of the discharge changes to yellow.

It is found that one out of every three woman with bacterial vaginosis develops yellow vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge along with vaginal odor is another symptom of bacterial vaginosis. The vaginal odor will be foul, pungent and often with fishy odor. It usually becomes increases after intercourse.

Itching or burning is also a symptom of bacterial vaginosis. With this condition, you experience burning sensation during urination or may feel itchy in and around the vagina.

You may also observe slight redness, swelling of the vagina, and painful intercourse. Remember that the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis: vaginal itching, vaginal redness, tenderness in the vaginal area, and pain during sexual intercourse occurs in very rare conditions.

If you experience these symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or have an abnormal vaginal discharge, better consult your health care professional for early diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosing the condition depends on the symptoms. It is also good to test your condition although you exhibit no symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.


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