Trichomoniasis is a commonly occurring, sexually transmitted infection of the uro-genital tract; among women the most common site for the infection is the vagina or the urethra.

This infection can also be passed on through shared towels, wash cloths and bathing suits since the parasite is known to be able to survive in damp conditions for about an hour or so.

Women who contract the trichomoniasis infection typically display symptoms such as inflammation, itching or burning of the vaginal area and/or the inflammation of the cervix and the urethra.Metronidazol

Some women experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse and also when going to the bathroom. Additionally some women also experience the symptom of a foul smelling, greenish yellow, frothy discharge.

The most common symptom among women is itchiness and tenderness of the vaginal [Vaginal Problems] and genital area as well as itching of the outer genital area such as the labia and the inner thighs. Sometimes women may also experience swelling of the labia.

In contrast with women, men who have the infection may very often not exhibit any noticeable symptoms, though some men who have the infection may display mild symptoms such as irritation while urinating.

Though the infection itself is not dangerous or life threatening, and is usually able to be cured by antibiotics such as Metronidazole, it can cause substantial discomfort and is also known to increase a person’s susceptibility to HIV and AIDS.

This is because it is said to increase the risk of transmission of the HIV virus. Trichomoniasis, it is also understood, could cause a woman to deliver a premature baby or one with low birth weight. Among men, this infection could increase the chances of developing prostate cancer.

Since Trichomoniasis is a fairly common sexually transmitted disease, it is important to understand the modes of its transmission in order that one may guard against it.

The only way to make sure that one won’t contract the disease is to abstain from sexual activity however even sexually active individuals can prevent the spread of this infection by using prophylactics such as latex condoms.

The disease of Trichomoniasis is found to be most commonly prevalent among those who are used to having unprotected sex, particularly those who have multiple partners. So it is generally seen that those who behave responsibly about their sexual activities, can limit their exposure to the infection to a very large extent.