Trichomoniasis or simply Trich is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is caused due to a microscopic parasite and is a condition which affects about 7 million people each year, out of which about 124000 are pregnant. Trich is an infection which is very common during pregnancy but must be treated as soon as possible during this time because it is associated with a higher degree or rate of preterm birth and preterm premature rupture of the membranes or PPROM.

The problem can also lead to low birth weight of the child if it affects a woman during pregnancy. Another complication associated with Trichomoniasis is that it can make a person more prone to HIV as well if he/she is exposed to it.

In some rare cases, the fetus also has a chance of being infected by Trich parasite at the time of delivery but the infection can be treated by antibiotics.

trichomoniasis during pregnancyWhat are the Symptoms of Trichomoniasis During Pregnancy?

The following is a list of the symptoms of Trichomoniasis during pregnancy?

  • A lot of people don’t experience any symptoms at all when they are suffering from the Trich infection.
  • One of the common symptoms of Trichomoniasis is yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge which will be accompanied with an unpleasant odor and will have a frothy appearance.
  • The reddening of the vagina and the vulva are the other signs and symptoms of Trich infection.
  • The vagina and vulva might also get itchy and irritated.
  • Discomfort felt during sexual intercourse is also a sign of Trich infection and this can even result in spotting.
  • Discomfort felt during urination is also a symptom of Trichomoniasis.

What is the Treatment of Trichomoniasis During Pregnancy?

A lot of people don’t spot the symptoms of Trich soon after they get it but may understand later on. Your practitioner can conduct a test by taking a swab of vaginal fluid and examining it under a microscope. Some may even send this to a lab for a more sensitive test.

The following are some of the treatment methods for Trichomoniasis in case the test comes out to be positive.

  • Most people who have contracted Trich can be treated by a course of oral metronidazole which is a medication that is also considered safe for the baby at the time of pregnancy.
  • Your partner must also be treated, irrespective of whether he has the symptoms or not.
  • You will also need to abstain from sexual intercourse until the infection has been totally treated and all the symptoms have been eliminated.
  • Another thing that is part of the treatment is to abstain from alcohol throughout the process of the treatment and also 24 after taking the last dose of the oral medicine.

How to Avoid Getting Trichomoniasis

The best way to avoid getting this infection is to avoid having sex with a partner who has more sexual partners than you. Also, using condoms can be a great way to reduce the risk of this infection as well as that of other STIs.