Trichomoniasis is a parasitic, sexually transmitted infection of the vagina or the urethra that is seen mostly in women. Treatment for trichomoniasis is important to get not just because the symptoms may be embarrassing and worrisome, but also because of the possible complications that are associated with this infection.

Why treatment for trichomoniasis is important

Firstly the symptoms of the infection can be fairly worrisome. There could be foul smelling frothy, yellowish or greenish discharge, itching or burning sensation in the genital area which could increase while urinating or during sex. In some cases the infection could also cause abdominal pain.

Treatment for TrichomoniasisHowever, the symptoms are not the only reason to get treatment for trichomoniasis, it is also necessary to do so because certain complications are known to be associated with untreated trichomoniasis.

Pregnancy complications such as premature labor and deliver as well as low birth weight infant could occur due to this infection.

There is also an increased risk of HIV transmission and cervical cancer if treatment is not obtained. Among men the risk of prostate cancer is seen to rise with this infection.

Also this is not an infection that will work itself out of the system in time the way that it does in the case of about 50% of men who acquire the disease.

Treatment for trichomoniasis has to be actively sought by women so that complications do not occur. This is also in the interests of any sexual partner that a woman has because the infection will spread and infect others if not treated.

Experts also advise the sexual partners of those who are infected should also be treated since the infection can remain asymptomatic for an extended period and may not be detected even if it present.

Treating the partner even if they are asymptomatic is important because the infection may have spread and may not even be causing symptoms. In spite of not having symptoms the infection could be passed back and forth between partners if left untreated.

Treatment for trichomoniasis

The most commonly prescribed treatment for this infection is the antibiotic metronidazole or clotrimazole. It could be oral medication taken for up to a week and/or vaginal suppository inserted into the vagina if required.

Alternative remedies are often prescribed for treating trichomoniasis: for instance a vaginal douche made out of vinegar and lime solution is sometimes touted as an effective solution. Also live bacterial cultures such as those found in yoghurt are sometimes recommended for topical applications. There s also the view that aromatherapy oil when added to bath water can help reduce discharge. However there is little evidence to suggest that these do in fact work.

After treatment for trichomoniasis is obtained, to prevent any future episodes of the infection it is important to practice safe and responsible sex. Also discuss the situation with a partner. Get regular checkups to identify and quickly treat any possible future infections. Also get tested for other sexually transmitted infections to keep at bay any possible complications.