As a woman, if you really want to keep better sexual and reproductive health, it is very essential for you to protect yourself from trichomoniasis.

The parasite responsible for trichomoniasis mainly affects your vagina and cervix; as a result you can experience various health complications.

Here are few ways that you can adopt in your routine life to stay away from various sexually transmitted diseases, including trichomoniasis.

Don’t share things: Particularly when you go for swimming or gym, don’t share your things like swimsuits or towels of other persons.

Do you know parasite responsible for trichomoniasis can live outside the body for up to 45 minutes and can be easily transmitted through damp or moist objects? So, be aware of it!

Practice safe sex: Practicing safe sex is one of the best ways to stay away from all types of sexually transmitted diseases. As men can also have trichomoniasis, it is always suggested to encourage your partner to follow safe sex methods.

Even it is very important for you to wash before and after sexual intercourse to prevent STDs. This way you can protect yourself and also your partner from trichomoniasis.

Shower immediately after swimming: As already said, parasite responsible for trichomoniasis can live up to 45 minutes on your body and affect you possibly. So, it is always suggested to taking shower immediately after swimming to prevent trichomoniasis.