If you are interested in trichomonas vaginitis you should know that it is an STD that is caused by a small organism.

It is more likely for women to be affected by the problem although men could be faced with it as well. They could pass the infection to their partners through sexual activities.

How common trichonomiasis is?

This infection is considered to be one of the most common STDs that young and sexually active women are faced with. The good news is that the condition is easy to treat. According to official information about 7.4 million people get infected on a yearly basis.

Signs and symptoms

trichomonas-vaginitisIt is interesting to know regarding trichonomiasis that in the majority of the cases men don’t show any symptoms. They don’t know that they are infected until their partner needs treatment.

If there are symptoms they include mild discharge, irritation on the penis and a burning sensation after ejaculation and urination.

On the other hand, trichomonas vaginitis leads to different kinds of symptoms in case of women.

These include frothy, greenish-yellow vaginal discharge that has a strong smell, vaginal irritation and itching, pain during urination, pain in the lower abdomen and discomfort during sexual intercourse. In case of women the symptoms appear about 28 days after the infection occurs.

Treatment of trichonomiasis infection

In the majority of the cases the infection is treated with an oral antibiotic called metronidazole. Before you take this drug you should let your doctor know if there is any chance for you to be pregnant. This is very important because the antibiotics could harm the little one.

If you get treatment for trichomonas vaginitis, your partner should also be treated. This way you can avoid recontamination and the spreading of the infection.

Besides this it is also good to avoid sexual intercourse until both of the partners finished the treatment. Make sure that you take all the antibiotics even if you think that you don’t need them.

What if you have no treatment for trichonomiasis

If a woman isn’t treated for the infection, she may face premature rupture of the membranes that offer protection to the baby, thus leading to premature birth.

Since a genital inflammation takes place, it is more likely woman to be infected with HIV if she is exposed to the virus. If this happens, the chances of transmitting the infection to your partner are also greater.

How to prevent trichomonas vaginitis

There are several measures that you could take to reduce the chances of infection. These include using a condom every time you have sexual intercourse. Also have a limited number of sexual partners and don’t change them too often. It may be best to practice abstinence.

Even if you have a partner, in order to avoid trichonomiasis you should limit the number of times you have sex with him. If you think you are infected, stop having sex and see a doctor.

Now you know all about the kind of STD known as trichomonas vaginitis.