Historically, one of the most abhorred and feared sexually transmitted disease is Syphilis and the syphilis rash that accompanies the infection is indicative of progression of the disease and a need for urgent attention and treatment.

Untreated syphilis rashes could result in death or at any rate cause lasting and irreparable damage to some of the body’s vital organs.

Syphilis Rash Symptoms

The syphilis rash is not the first noticeable symptom[syphilis symptom] of the infection by the disease; rather the first indication of presence of the bacteria in the body is usually a single red firm and round bump in the genital area that is painless and may not even be noticed to begin with but which later ulcerates.syphilis rash

If there is no treatment received for treating syphilis in this first stage, then some weeks later, the disease progress to the next or secondary stage and will manifest itself in a widespread syphilis rash.

A syphilis rash is usually reddish or brown spots and rough to the touch. While the rash could be anywhere on the body, the syphilis rash is more commonly found on the palms of the hand or the soles of the feet. The rash is often innocuous seeming; it may not be very prominent and may not even cause any discomfort or itching.

The syphilis disease also takes on a different form and appears in other parts of the body as white or gray patches in the groin or inner thighs or in areas having folds such as underarms or under the breasts.

The fact that syphilis symptoms can disappear without treatment should not lull a person into believing that one has been cured of the disease or infection; rather it indicates that the disease has progressed to the next stage.

So, as soon as the first indications of a syphilis rash appear, treatment should be obtained so that the disease does not progress to the next stage.

After the secondary stage when the syphilis rashes typically manifests itself the most, is the dormant stage of syphilis where the disease is present in the body for many years but only manifests its symptoms occasionally.

This does not mean that the disease has been cured, rather it means that it will progress to the next and last stage which could result in widespread damage including organs like the eyes, heart, liver, the bones and joints and even the brain.

It is therefore important to get treatment for a syphilis rash as soon as possible in order that permanent damage or even death does not result.