Syphilis is known as one of the most serious illnesses of them all at the moment, and this is why a lot of people are interested in having a syphilis test.

There is nothing to be afraid of, since the test is meant to find the presence of antibodies to the bacterium found in the tissues, blood or body fluid.

You should know that syphilis is an STD (sexually transmitted disease). This means that it can be contracted through sexual intercourse, oral sex and also kissing.

Syphilis Test

VDRL test for syphilis

This stands for venereal disease research laboratory. The main point of the test is to see whether there are any antibodies that people have in case they have been affected by syphilis.

The truth is that the antibody isn’t created as a reaction at the virus, and so the test for syphilis isn’t absolutely accurate. It can be done using a blood sample or spinal fluid sample. In case of early or advanced stages this isn’t the best test to use.

EIA test

EIA stands for enzyme immunoassay and it is an entirely new syphilis test that tests for the antibodies that appear as a response to the bacteria. In case the results of the test are positive, you should also have a RPR or VDRL test.

FTA-ABS test

This is known as fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test. The test for syphilis can be used unless you are in the first 3-4 weeks of exposure. You should know that the test is difficult to perform, and it is used to check again in case a previous test turned out to be positive.

TPPA test

Treponema palladium particle agglutination   assay, just as the previous syphilis test, is used to check you again in case a previous test has been positive. The good thing about the test is that it can detect the presence of antibodies against the bacterium at any stage of the infection, other than the first 3-4 weeks. Usually it’s not done using spinal fluid.

Darkfield microscopy

Just as the name suggests, the test for syphilis is using a special kind of microscope to check tissue or fluid coming for an open sore to see whether the bacteria of syphilis is present. The advantage of the test is that it can be used at early stages as well.

Microhemagglutination assay

This syphilis test, just as other kinds of tests, is used for confirming infection with syphilis in case another test resulted in a positive result. Although the test is relatively accurate, it cannot be used at the early stages. At this moment specialists use rarely this test and it isn’t performed in case of spinal fluids.

Why to have a test for syphilis?

Screening is done in order for your doctor to know what kinds of conditions you are facing even before the first symptoms appear. This way it is possible to find some infections that can be treated at an early stage. This is why you should have a syphilis test.