Syphilis is a bacterial infection primarily occurring in the genitals and is usually transmitted through sexual contact and also from mother to fetus during pregnancy or birth. The causative organism for the disease is a spirochete bacterium- Treponema pallidium. Syphilis is marked by three stages, each with their distinctive symptoms.

The preliminary symptoms include the development of a painless sore called chancre on the genitals and mouth. If left untreated, it progresses to secondary and tertiary stages of the disease intermediated by an asymptomatic latent (hidden) stage.

Although you get a vast array of antibiotics in the market, their side-effects too are no less prominent. Hence, you should seek methods of natural and herbal treatment for syphilis.

herbal helps for syphilis treatment

Herbal Treatment for Syphilis

Check out some effective herbal treatment procedures to treat syphilis:


Burdock plant is an herb of Echinacea family. This herb is mainly used to treat urinary tract infections, syphilis being one of them. The root has to be eaten fresh cooked or dried into capsules. You can also make a paste of burdock root, glycerin and distilled water and drink the decoction of burdock root regularly. It’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and blood purification properties help to abate the pain, discomfort and fever without side-effects.


Make a paste of cloves, sandalwood and saffron and apply it regularly. This paste serves to be an effective tonic to specifically abate the secondary symptoms of syphilis.

Prickly Ash

Prickly Ash mixed with mandrake and blue flag is considered to be good herbal aid for syphilis. Take the herbal mixture in small doses at short intervals of time.


Chew a small amount of pine needles, swallow them and drink some quantity of cold water and wrap yourself in heavy blanket. Also, you can drink a tea of pine twigs in combination with chewing the needles. In case of development of syphilis ulcers, scrape them with sterilized needles (should be done under physician’s supervision) until they bleed and apply powdered pinion gum over the wounds to promote healing.


Prepare an infusion taking equal parts of sassafras and sarsaparillasand half part of herb Guaiacum officinale and drink it routinely.


This herb has immense healing properties especially for open wounds and also inflammations. Use this herb as a tea or tincture; or as an external application on lesion, ulcers and rashes of genitelia.

Other Treatment Methods

Apart from these well-known herbal procedures certain less popular herbal aids that might also prove to be effective in syphilis treatment-

  • Indian Pennywort helps to alleviate the ulcers that occur in syphilis.
  • Gokulkanta can be used as a tonic to speed up recovery.
  • Poppy seeds also help to cure itching, pain and ulcers that are associated with syphillis.
  • Lastly, Indian mallow is effective in soothing skin lesions and ulcers occurring in syphilis.

Though, these herbal aids seem to be effective in syphilis treatment, their improper dosage might cause the reverse effect. So, always consult a physician before their application and get a complete cure for the disease with no additional side-effects.

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