Before we should move on to the symptoms of HPV you should know that it refers to the human papillomavirus, and there are more than 100 viruses of this kind. In the majority of the cases the virus causes warts and the different viruses cause warts in different parts of the body.

Information about the HPV symptoms

In the majority of the cases the immune system is able to defeat the infection before the warts appear. Even in case the warts appear, the different kinds of viruses cause different looking warts. Usually this depends on the location of the warts.

Genital warts

symptoms-of-hpvThe HPV symptoms in this case involve the appearance of flat lesions, stem-like protrusions or bumps in the shape of a cauliflower. In case of women in the majority of the cases the warts appear around the vulva but it can also be present around the anus, vagina or the cervix.

If a male patient experiences the symptoms of HPV then he most probably has warts on the penis, around the anus or the scrotum. The only good thing about genital warts is that it doesn’t really cause any pain or discomfort.

Common warts

Common warts have their own characteristic HPV symptoms, which include raised and rough bumps located on the fingers, hands or fingernails. Usually these are bothersome only because of their not so pleasant appearance. Nonetheless in some of the cases the symptoms of HPV could also become susceptible to injury or even bleeding.

Plantar warts

These are grainy, hard growths that mostly appear on the heels or on the balls of the feet. As you can see it affects the areas that are under the most pressure. In this case as HPV symptoms you may experience pain or discomfort.

Flat warts

Just as the name suggests, the top of these warts is flat and they are a bit more raised than the surrounding areas, coming with a darker skin color than the natural one. The symptoms of HPV in this case appear around the face, hands, neck, elbows, wrists and knees. Usually this type of warts affects kids, young adults and adolescents.

Cervical cancer

When thinking about the HPV symptoms there are a lot of people who have in mind cervical cancer. The truth is that there are two kinds of HPVs that could cause cancer of this type. They don’t cause any symptoms and this is why the majority of women don’t even know that they were infected.

Regarding the symptoms of the cancer you should know that cervical cancer in the early stages doesn’t cause any symptoms. Because of this the doctors accentuate that all women should have regular Pap smears that can find the precancerous cells of the cervix that may end up as cancer cells.

In case you are interested in the symptoms of HPV of one certain HPV, then you should be focusing your search on that given type of virus that you are curious about to find more relevant information.