STDs in women often present no signs at all. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. You may get an HIV infection without knowing anything of it. As a result of the absence of symptoms, the STD is diagnosed after the woman has been affected for quite a long time.

The STD spreads if she has unprotected sex. Women also have this misconception that the symptoms of STD are created by a razor burn, yeast infection or a medical condition.

STDs in WomenThe World Health Organization suggests that the number of STDs exceed 30 and these produce different symptoms. For sexually active women, the risks of Chlamydia, genital herpes and HPV are high.

Symptoms of STDs in women

Around 40 strains of the HPV are sexually transmitted. Some may lead to cervical cancer whereas the rest may lead to genital warts.

Most females who suffer from HPV do not show symptoms of any form of cancer. They may experience the presence of small bumps in their genital region especially if the HPV has a lower risk.

These bumps however indicate STDs in women and differ in appearance. They may be raised, smooth, single or in clusters. They may also exist in the vulva or anus. However, women may not exhibit any symptoms at all.

Social responsibility and awareness of STDs in women

STDs are causes of severe concern. While opponents may feel that such topics should be elaborated at home, it should be pointed out here that all homes are not open to such liberal discussions about the topic. This is why public discussion is important. Once the women are informed properly about the infections, they may be able to inhibit major health issues which may even be life saving.

Hence, the promotion of sexual education is an important aspect especially if it is associated with STDs in women.

  • You may raise awareness by making people receptive to ideas of education on this topic. One way to approach the situation is by elaborating on the importance and necessity of sex education through articles published in the newspaper or taking active part in the online forums.
  • You also need to put advertisements in the appropriate channels. If you want to promote the cause of sex education about STDs quickly, you may lobby in the local government and schools. By visiting the local school boards as well as writing to your senator, you may promote visibility.
  • Groups and organizations should be mobilized as you tend to grow with numbers. You may even attract the attention of the government and schools by having large gatherings of people assembling for a cause.
  • Enumerate the benefits of education regarding STDs in women. You may highlight that educating the women about the different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases may reduce their incidence.
  • The grimness of the situation at hand should be appropriately emphasized. A lot of people might not be aware of the widespread effects that STDs can have all over the population, not just women. Compile thorough research and come up with facts to promote awareness about the topic.