Any kind of disease that can be transmitted from one person to another through sexual interaction, meaning intercourse or other sexual activity is known as an STD.

The STD information also includes the fact that there are more than 20 different kinds of STDs.

STD Information And Prevention

The information about STDs includes that the younger you are when you start experimenting in the sexual field and the more partners you have, the bigger chances you have to contract an infection. This isn’t just something your parents are scaring you with; these are the facts.

STD InformationOne thing that you could do if you know information about STD is to abstain from engaging in sexual activity. Nonetheless is safe to be hugging or fondling other people since there is no genital contact. In the same way it is also safe to be kissing people.

Even though you have all this STD information and you start having sex, you should have only one partner, and you should also ask your partner to engage in sexual activity only with you.

To make sure that none of you have been infected by any kind of STD, the best thing you could do is to get tested.

If you find more information about STD and you learn that one of you has been infected, both of you should get treated. You should gather some information about the sexual history of your partner, whether he has been using IV drugs or whether he had any STDs in the past.

To make sure that you won’t get infected, use a condom even if you are using birth control pills.


When looking for STD information for sure you will encounter these infections. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and at the beginning it might not have any symptoms.

If there are symptoms, they could be similar to mononucleosis. After years the immune system weakens and AIDS develops.

How do you get HIV or AIDS?

The information about STD in this case includes that the infection is transmitted through body fluids, like vaginal discharge, blood and semen. About half of the HIV positive people in the U. S. are women and this percentage is growing. In the majority of the cases HIV is contracted through heterosexual intercourse.

The STD information includes the fact that it is easy for an infected man to transmit the infection to a woman because the vagina is a large vascular area that is easy for the virus to penetrate and reach the blood stream. Semen is a highly infectious body fluid.

When thinking about information about STD you also have to consider oral sex. This is also a way to contract the infection, because the mouth of a woman could have small cuts in the tongue or the gum that the woman doesn’t even know about.

As it has been mentioned before regarding STD information, the IV drug users could also spread the infection through the needles that they are using.