The signs of STDs in women may not be tough to identify as they are pretty common. It is important to locate the symptoms of different sexually transmitted diseases in women at an early stage to improve treatment and prevent further complications. The signs may vary from one woman to another on the basis of the disease.

Most women are asymptomatic. However, the common symptoms include pain during urination or intercourse, bumps, sores and itching in the genitals, abnormal vaginal discharge, and spotting or blood loss between menstruations.

Signs of STDs in WomenSome signs of STDs in women

Chlamydia: This is a bacterial disease which may spread by sexual intercourse and is cured with the help of antibiotics.

Some of the symptoms in women afflicted with STD include abnormal vaginal discharge, pain during urination, abdominal or stomach ache and painful intercourse. If the woman engages in anal sex, she may experience discharge, bleeding and pain from the rectum.

Gonorrhea: This is a bacterial infection which may be cured with antibiotics. Some of the signs of STDs in women with gonorrhea comprise bleeding or spotting in between their menses, burning sensation while urinating and enhanced discharge from the vagina. The discharge can be bloody, cloudy or thick in its texture and appearance. Women with gonorrhea may even experience pain during sex.

Genital herpes: This is a symptom which is caused as a result of HPV or herpes simplex virus. While it is incurable, it is characterized with periodic episodes where the person experiences the symptoms through decades. The common symptoms are aches, extreme itching and small red bumps on the skin. The bumps end up in a rupture, becoming bloody and oozing open sores. Tenderness, inflammation, flu symptoms and pain are common indications before the setting on of genital herpes.

HPV: The human pappilloma virus leads to the formation of genital warts. Some common symptoms of these warts comprise flesh or grey colored wallops in the genitals, pain, itching, bleeding during intercourse, tingling and clusters of warts. These signs of STDs in women are incurable.

Syphilis: This bacterial form of STD is curable in the initial stages with the aid of antibiotics. The symptoms for women with syphilis comprise enlarged lymph nodes and a single sore. With the progression of the disease, women may experience rashes that are denoted with tiny red sores spread through the body, muscle aches, fatigue and fever.

The symptoms may occur intermittently. If it is untreated, the syphilis may lead to permanent cardiovascular and neurological conditions.

HIV: The human immunodeficiency virus is an incurable form of viral STD. if it is not treated, it may lead to AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Some of the common symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, fatigue, rash and swollen lymph nodes.

With the persistence of the virus, the additional conditions may incorporate diarrhea, short breath, cough and weight loss. Sufferers of an advanced stage of HIV may experience night sweats, fever and chills.

If you think that you display the symptoms, you should immediately consult with a physician. The signs of STDs in women are identified with STD testing for both partners.