In case of some people HIV infection is the most dreaded one of all infections. This is because there is no vaccine against it yet so there are a lot of people asking about the signs of HIV. HIV refers to human immunodeficiency virus and it is known to attack the immune system.

Depression as one of the symptoms of HIV

signs-of-hivAll people have had some days when they feel a little ‘blue’, but this feeling should be gone in a few days. In case you had the same symptoms for weeks then you may be facing depression that is considered one of the signs of the infection, if there are any symptoms.


Although you may think that a small diarrhea never hurt anybody, you should know that it could be one of the symptoms of HIV and in case the problem isn’t treated promptly and accordingly, then it may turn out to be life threatening. The problem can be fast and effectively addressed.


When thinking about the signs of HIV, thrush should also be considered. Thrush refers to the layer of substance that covers your mouth when you wake up in the morning. Usually this goes away when you brush your teeth, but in case it doesn’t you may have an opportunistic infection.

Weight loss

This is a common one of the symptoms of HIV. In case it’s not your purpose to lose weight by dieting and through exercise, then this is a serious problem. Luckily there are some steps you could take to make the symptom better and get it under control.


It is said that in case the patients are affected by the signs of HIV, they can still have fuller and more productive lives. This is because of the medication they are taking. Nonetheless this medication could also have some side effects, such as the redistribution of fat also known as lipodystrophy.

Lactic acidosis

As it has been mentioned, the symptoms of HIV can be controlled through medication, but these also have side effects. One of the most serious of them is lactic acidosis. In case you observe anything out of the ordinary you should let your doctor know at once.

Sinus infections

Sinusitis is another one of the signs of HIV and it comes with a feeling of fullness in the head, pressure behind the eyes, lack of concentration, relentless face and a pounding in your head. This is a problem that the majority of HIV positive people have to learn to live with.


This is also a common one of the symptoms of HIV. In this case you should start with finding the cause of the tiredness that you are feeling, and address the cause directly. This way you have the possibility to increase your level of energy.

Some other signs of HIV include nausea and vomiting and a tingling or burning feeling in your hands or feet. Luckily these symptoms can be taken care of as well with a bit of medical assistance.