If you are interested in the signs and symptoms of chlamydia, you should know that they appear about three weeks after you contracted the infection.

Nonetheless this condition is known to be ‘silent’ which means that a lot of people don’t show any symptoms.

If the condition isn’t treated, it could lead to more serious complications including infertility.

Chlamydia symptoms and signs in case of women

If women show any symptoms at all, these could include a burning feeling during urination or vaginal discharge.

signs-and-symptoms-of-chlamydiaThe truth is that in the majority of the cases women don’t even know that they have been infected until other complications appear. If you think you could have chlamydia both you and your partner should get tested.

In case of women the warning signs of chlamydia usually affect the urethra and the cervix first.

Even in case the infection spreads to the fallopian tubes and the uterus as well from the cervix, a lot of women still don’t show any signs. You may think that you have the infection if you have pain in the lower abdomen.

Some other signs and symptoms of chlamydia also include nausea, pain in the lower back, pain during intercourse, fever and spotting between the menstrual periods.

Remember that the majority of these symptoms aren’t specific so they could indicate a number of conditions and infections as well.

How can you pass the chlamydia indications on?

The chlamydia warning signs can be transmitted in three major ways. The first of them is to have unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex with a person who is already infected. Another way is for the infection to be passed on from the mother to the baby when the little one passes through the birth canal.

The third way of passing the signs and symptoms of chlamydia on is to get the infecting agents on your fingers from the genital area and transporting them to the eyes. This means that chlamydia can also infect the eyes, but such situations occur very rarely and, just as the genital infections, these are also treatable.

What to do if you think you see the indications of chlamydia?

If you think that you might have the infection, you could visit your doctor who will get you tested for the infection. If he or she doesn’t have this possibility, you will be referred to another facility that is able to run the tests. There are also some sexual health clinics that are specialized for problems of this kind.

In some of the regions if you see the signs and symptoms of chlamydia you could go to a drugstore or pharmacy and get a testing kit that is supposed to tell you whether you are infected with chlamydia or not. The options that you have depend greatly on your geographical location.

When it comes to testing for signs and symptoms of chlamydia women could offer a urine sample or a swab to be tested in a laboratory.