Are you aware of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)? How much do you know about STDs? Now-a-days, sex education has become widespread, so many of you no longer believe in certain misconceptions about STDs.

But there are few people who still fail to distinguish between the fact and fiction.

If you want to avoid the health consequences associated with sexually transmitted diseases, certainly you should have clear knowledge regarding STDs.

Here are few common myths about sexually transmitted diseases that you have to be essentially aware of.sexually transmitted disease

You can’t be exposed to STD because you had oral sex!

Actually, there are 3 possible ways for the infectious micro organisms to transmit. These 3 ways mainly include vaginal or anal intercourse, oral sex or even through contact with infectious body fluids.

So, don’t deceive yourself that you are on safe side because you just had oral sex. Being sexually active orally can put you in risk of STDs. So, just be cautious with it.

Oral contraception protects you from STD!

This is the common misconception most of you can certainly have about sexually transmitted disease. But, actually birth control pills or oral contraception can protect you against unplanned pregnancy.

They can’t decrease your risk of sexually transmitted diseases. So, the better way to avoid STDs is to take all preventive measures during sexual intercourse to avoid STDs.

You have no symptoms, so you are safe!

Do you know most of the sexually transmitted diseases don’t show any signs of infection? Most of the sexually transmitted diseases show no symptoms until they turn as serious health complications for you (HIV infection).

Moreover, some symptoms can be mistaken as other health problems. So, it is very important for you to get regular check ups before or after sexual intercourse to avoid risks of STDs.

Abstinence can keep you away from STD!

This is one of the biggest STD-related myths. Most of you think that staying abstinent can keep you away from STD. But actually, other than sexual intercourse, there are certain other ways that can make you to expose yourself to infections.

So, try to be aware with all these myths regarding STDs and stay away from all those potentially life threatening infections to live a healthy life.


  1. In these days of multiple partners STD’s abound. It is so important to get checked out for STD’s if you are or suspect you are pregnant. Thanks for a very informative and comprehensive blog on women’s health

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