HIV/AIDS, which most of you believe to be a single term referring to an infection that is controllable and treatable.

Actually speaking, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), which is the last and most serious stage of HIV disease resulting from the specific injures to the immune system.

Today, HIV/AIDS is becoming an epidemic, infecting millions of people worldwide.

Aids have no cure or vaccine but you have antiretroviral medication, known as HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) to slow the development from HIV to AIDS.HIV AIDS

With HAART, you can recover from HIV/AIDS and live with HIV for a very long time. HAART, a great treatment option is now being recommended by United States National Institutes of Health to all patients with AIDS.

Actually, this virus is transmitted from person to person through blood exchange, oral sex, unhygienic hypodermic needles, or blood transfusion or from mother to the baby during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

In fact, you do not experience HIV/AIDS symptoms in the early stages. Moreover, the time it takes for AIDS symptoms to appear depends upon person to person. You feel and look healthy for years although you are attacked with AIDS virus.

Don’t worry; you can identify the HIV/AIDS symptoms virus by observing the changes in your body.

When this virus damages your immune system, you can see an extreme weakness, tiredness, quick weight loss, recurrent fevers for several weeks, heavy sweating, skin rashes, white spots in the mouth, chronic diarrhea, severe cough, unable to remember things etc.,

So, if you find any of these symptoms, without delay, consult your family doctor. Your doctor will talk with you, observe the changes in your body and do tests such as blood test or a swab of the inside of your cheek.

No matter what type of test is done, the results will take few hours or days. Today, special AIDS clinics are available for confirming AIDS.

If you have been tested and found HIV positive then the virus in your body will make severe damages to your immune system, a system responsible for the production of antibodies to kill foreign cells in your body.

The virus in your body infects a type of immune system cell called T-cells, which organizes the immune regulation and produce specific factors that stimulate other white blood cells to fight against bacteria, viruses or other agents.

With HIV/AIDS virus, the T-cell of your body becomes HIV-replicating cells and starts producing new HIV viruses. With the decrease of T-cells, your immune system cannot act sufficiently in response to an invading agent.

HAART– A Great Treatment Option For HIV/AIDS!

From recent researches and surveys, it has been found that about 2.4–3.3 million of people are with AIDS virus infection, of which more than 570,000 are children.

The rate of this virus attack is increasing more and more because, currently, there is still no way to cure AIDS but you have an antiretroviral medication to keep you healthy for years. HAART is actually a combination of several antiretroviral drugs to act at different stages of the HIV life cycle.

As, HIV/AIDS can be infected without knowing, at the moment the only way to remain safe is to gain proper knowledge and not become infected. Also, it is good to checkup your body every six months. Is it not the best way to avoid severe consequences and live a happy and healthy life!


  1. Is that surely that everyone infected HIV would get AIDS? i knew a guy on ,he told me he was a HIV+, but he just lived some 6 yrs all right, can anybody explain this?
    and i also heard about HIV vaccines, does it probable we would have it in no-far time?

  2. Hi Shark,
    Yes, it is not true that everyone who is infected with HIV will surely get AIDS. A HIV+ person can live for some more time with the help of HIV vaccines.

  3. Dear shark,

    If a HIV virus enters the body it remain inactive for couple of months or years but effects surely….An infected person cannot get cure of this disease but in making changes in lifestyle, food habits, daily exercises, yoga etc, a person can spend good living and for some more time…..

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