HPV is the short version of human papilloma virus and it is known to be a common infection. HPV testing is important because the infection could cause abnormalities to the cervix.

These are known as the high risk HPVs. In their case if the infection is left untreated, it could lead to cervical cancer.

What to know about HPV?

Before thinking about testing for HPV you should know that in the majority of the cases the infection clears up on its own. Even if there were some abnormalities caused, they also get back to normal. Nonetheless in case the infection doesn’t go away, women will be at greater risk of developing abnormalities.

Hpv TestingHow is HPV transmitted?

You don’t have to think about testing for HPV prior to thinking about the ways through which the infection is transmitted. This is a common infection among the sexually active people.

It is easy to contract it both for men and women in case they have sex with another person of the same or opposite gender.

The sad truth about HPV testing is that in the majority of the cases there are no symptoms and so it is possible to encounter people who have been infected for years and have no idea about it.

Testing for HPV

Usually the test is performed in case of those women who have shown signs of abnormalities that are called mild or borderline dyskaryosis. Even if you have been affected by such an abnormality, you have only 15%-20% chances of needing a treatment for the infection. In such cases the HPV testing is important because it can show the doctors which of the patients require treatment.

If the infection is found during a testing for HPV, then the patient in question will need to have a colposcopy. This procedure makes it possible for the doctor to take a closer look at the cervix of the patient and to determine whether she needs any treatment.

In case there is need for a treatment as a result of the HPV testing, the patient in questions will be referred to an outpatient clinic. This means that there is no need for the patients to spend the night at the clinic.

Treatments for CIN

If you have been treated for CIN, the testing for HPV will be performed based on the samples that the doctors gathered during the treatment. In case the test comes back negative you won’t need another test for the following 3 years.

On the other hand if the results are positive, then these women will have to undergo a colposcopy as well and the rest of the actions will be the same as in the previous case.

How is the HPV testing done?

During the screening the doctors will take samples of cells and so you won’t have to return for another testing. These samples are sent to a laboratory and you will get the results in writing. It is also possible that your doctor will tell you the results through the phone.