When asking how syphilis is transmitted you should know that this is an STD (sexually transmitted disease) that is caused by bacteria.

There are 4 stages that the infected people have to go through as the infection makes its way to the different organs of the body.

Information about syphilis transmission

It is important to know that it is required by the law to report syphilis. You should tell your doctor about it and also the public health authorities. If the condition isn’t treated it could lead to deadly heart diseases or dementia.

The most common ways of transmission include sexual intercourse and passing from the mother to her baby during childbirth.

What more to know about syphilis

how-is-syphilis-transmittedIf you are interested about the transmission of syphilis, you should know that it is asymptomatic, meaning that there are no symptoms.

This is why it is important to have regular tests. Those people who change their sexual partners very often are at the highest risk. The people having sex in countries with high rate of syphilis are also at risk.

In case you are asking how syphilis is transmitted you should know that the condition makes the appearance of HIV more likely because it causes genital ulcers. The condition is most contagious during the first two stages. After this the condition becomes latent for years.


When it comes to passing on syphilis, the condition can be easily diagnosed with the help of serologic methods.

These days there are numerous different hospitals and clinics that can test for the condition. If you have sex with a new partner who may be infected, it is best to get tested.

How is syphilis transmitted?

As it has been mentioned before, the condition can be spread through sexual contact. In the same time it is also possible to contact the infection through skin contact. In order for infection to take place you have to get in contact with someone who is in the primary or secondary stages or in the early latent stage.

About syphilis transmittal you should know that the bacteria leave the body of infected people through rashes or sores. It is also possible to contract syphilis through bodily fluids or blood, just as HIV or AIDS. This means that the infection can also be contracted if you share needles with an infected person. The people interested in how syphilis is transmitted should ask their partner whether they have ever used IV drugs.


The good news regarding the problem is that it can be easily cured if it is found in time. Nonetheless it is important to remember regarding the transmittal of syphilis that it could turn out to be a fatal condition. If it is passed on from the mother to the baby, he or she could get disfigured or become permanently disabled.

Now that you know how syphilis is transmitted, you know what to look out for because you know how dangerous it is.

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