Before asking how do you get chlamydia you should know that generally speaking this is the most common STI (sexually transmitted infection) of the world.

There are millions of people infected every year and in many cases there are no symptoms so they don’t even know that they have it.

Sex and chlamydia infection

how-do-you-get-chlamydiaSince it is an STI, it means that it can be contracted through genital contact. You could get infected through vaginal, anal or oral sex. This is why it is very important to always use protection, such as condom.

In the same time it is also possible to get infected by close genital contact so you may be a virgin but still be infected.

You should know that the chances of getting infected increase if you have more sexual partners. This is why it is important to use a condom.

Another thing you could do is to ask your partners about possible infection or about the time they were tested for STDs and STIs.

When thinking about the symptoms of chlamydia there are a lot of people who mistake this infection for gonorrhea.

This is another STD that has similar symptoms as chlamydia. If they aren’t treated they could also have the same complications. Nonetheless keep in mind that they require different treatments.

Babies are prone to infection

It is also possible for babies to be infected with chlamydia. This is because if the mother is infected the baby may contract the infection when he or she passes through the birth canal. In this case the infection is pretty different than other kinds of infection. As a result the baby could be affected by eye infection or pneumonia.

As chlamydia influences the baby’s health, the doctors – to avoid the problems with the babies – treat them with eye drops upon birth. The main point is for the drops to kill the chlamydia. This is a routine procedure.

Such preventive treatment of the infection with chlamydia bacteria is important because in many cases the infection is asymptomatic. This means that the mother shows no signs of the infection but the baby could still be affected.


If you are interested in the information about how do you get chlamydia most probably you would also like to know about the symptoms. They include unusual vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, heavy periods, burning sensation or pain during urination, itching, rashes or tingling around the anus or the genital area.

If you see the symptoms of chlamydia you should discuss your options with your doctor before you actually get tested. This way you will know what the test will consist of. Sometimes it is done with the help of a swab or taking a blood or urine sample.

Now you have the information on how do you get chlamydia and a lot more, such as the symptoms and the testing methods.