Sadly, there is no definite cure for AIDS. This is because this is not actually a disease that someone will catch; it is the development from the HIV virus. Most of the treatment is aimed at the initial disease and preventing it from developing into AIDS.

Treating HIV

Antiretroviral treatment is used to help with the treatment of HIV. This helps to slow the progression of the disease down and helps the immune system to battle other conditions and infections that are developed. There are now many people who are able to live a much longer life than ever before and some may never develop AIDS from the disease.

Cure for AIDSThe downside of the treatment is that it is a pill that needs to be taken every day, for the rest of a sufferer’s life. This takes up a lot of time and effort and sometimes makes people wish that there was a permanent cure for AIDS and HIV.

There are also chances that other infections and diseases will be contracted, which lead to needing more medication on top of the HIV treatment.

Fake Cures for AIDS

There are a number of scams when it comes to offering cures for HIV or AIDS. The problem is that people with either of these conditions want to believe that there is something that can cure the disease; and this makes them look for anything that comes across.

These fake cures have been around since the virus has been known – around the 1980s. The problem is that the fake cures often lead to the suffering being worse. They are also a waste of money; money that could be spent on healthy food and treatment that really will help with the virus.

Problems with Fake Cures

The problem with people who offer the fake cures is that they often ask that all other treatments be avoided; the “cures” will not work but by the time the patient realizes, it is often too late for any antiretroviral treatment to work successfully.

There are other problems with any fake cure for AIDS, such as the danger to the health. There are very few people who will offer the ingredients that are used in the treatments, which leads to not knowing about what is used.

Many will actually add ingredients that are very harmful to health and used because they are cheap. Ingredients include disinfectants, industrial solvents and even poisons.

Another danger behind believing that there is a cure is that fewer people will fear the condition. This leads to less focus on trying to avoid getting it – believing that there is a treatment anyway.

Problems with Developing Real Cures

HIV is not just a virus that sits in the body; it works into the cells and the genetic code, which will work on duplicating itself. This means that as the cells die, the virus dies; however, the virus replicates in the newer cells. It is often difficult to get a hold of the virus to be able to start finding a cure for the condition.

The idea behind the antiretroviral treatment is that the replication process is slowed down, which will reduce the levels of the virus in the body. This does not cure the problem because once stopped and removed from the body, the cells will just replicate at the original rate. The treatment will help to keep the levels of the HIV; so low that it is also difficult to show up on a standard test.

However, this is not the only problem with developing a real cure. Another problem is that the cells that are infected will not behave in the same way. This leads to problems while taking the cells and finding a cure for them. The HIV will also react differently in different people, which means that one cure may not work for all.

Very little is known about HIV and it leads to problems with searching for a cure. To find a cure, all the infected cells will need to be killed and removed. This is very difficult to do considering how quickly the virus can develop and the fact that it is relatively impossible for HIV to remain dormant.