People have frequently asked ‘how do you get HIV’, and the lack of information suggests the absence of awareness about this condition. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is a physical condition that entirely damages the body’s immune system, due to which the body swiftly loses its physical ability of combating the different types of bacterium, viruses and fungi successfully.

Normally, the body is capable of fighting against various kinds of complications such as severe infections and different kinds of cancers. However, someone infected with HIV loses their standard levels of defense. This is a condition which can last for some years, culminating in AIDS or the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

How Do You Get HIV

Explaining ‘how do you get HIV’

There are certain common causes through which a person can acquire HIV, the most common of which is intercourse with someone who is infected with the HIV virus. You can acquire HIV by practicing different kinds of sex such as vaginal, anal or even oral. When a couple engages in intercourse, the bodies exchange different kinds of body fluids.

The fluids which are thus replaced comprise secretions from the female vagina, semen from the penis and blood. Those who suffer from HIV may also acquire it by sharing of used or dirty needles with someone who is infected with the HIV virus.

‘How do you get HIV’? Often, the practices through which HIV is transmitted may involve illegal drug peddlers. In case someone receives a transfusion of blood, they are at a greater risk of acquiring the virus. Although medical professionals try hard to guarantee that they provide uninfected and clean blood, in several cases they were unsuccessful in their mission. Some common processes through which a patient may develop risks of HIV are:

Transfer through sexual contacts: HIV can be spread through homosexual and heterosexual activity. By practicing unprotected and unsafe sex, the virus infected body fluids like vaginal secretions and semen may get inside the body. Although there is no blister or broken skin and wounds, the truth is that intercourse leads to small openings in the anal or vaginal passages. Such things can be eliminated by using latex condoms or abstinence from sexual activity.

Nonsexual infections: Other answers to ‘how do you get HIV’ may include sharing of unhygienic needles between illegal drug peddlers, infected blood traveling into a mucous membrane or cut, or through a blood transfusion. The latter is however extremely rare. HIV infected moms can pass the virus on to their children during or prior to birth and through breastfeeding.

There are certain myths regarding HIV transmission. You do not contract the virus by coming into contact with a used female product, using the toilet after the HIV carrier uses it, breathing the virus in or even through bug bites. The virus does not spread through open mouthed kissing as well.

Before jumping to conclusions about the issue of ‘how do you get HIV’, you should know that the virus does not survive well in open air. Casual home or workplace contact does not pass on the virus. By being well informed about HIV, you can protect yourself and others.