Each year thousands of women worldwide are infected with the HIV virus, this is particularly true amongst black women between the ages 19 to 35, who do not understand the importance of protecting themselves during a sexual relationship with their male partners.

In March, there will be a national day dedicated to HIV and AIDS alertness, organised throughout the U.S. in order to bring more information to all those women who still do not understand how important it is to protect themselves from the virus.

During the National Women and Girls Awareness Day, there will be the possibility to have HIV screening tests and collect as much information on the virus as possible.hiv test

It is essential that all women abstain from unsafe sex or use a condom every time they have sex with a partner they do not know well enough.

Unfortunately there are also cases of regular partners who in turn have unsafe sex with other infected people, thus spreading the virus to those who do take precautions; this is why one must be tested regularly.

These tests available to all women will help them find out if they are infected, and if so they may be treated at an early stage and be helped to keep healthy.

It is also important to be aware of your state of health in order not to spread the disease, should you be infected by the virus.

Pregnant women receive the HIV screening test during their first visit at the parental care and during the period of their gestation; this should be so for all women, whether or not they are expecting a baby, they should be offered regular tests as part of a regular health plan.