HIV AIDS is an incurable pandemic known to cause very grave health deterioration. However there are some medications on offer which can assist in slowing down symptoms of this dangerous disease. Drugs like non-nucleoside will reverse effects of transcriptase blockers, and also protease inhibitors thereby assisting to block off the virus.

Various AIDS medications are approved for use in combination so as to avert the disastrous functions bacterial stains which result due to immune irresponsiveness. HIV aids information should be grasped well so as to take active measures against it.

Causes & preventive measures

Apart from these infections, individuals are as well advised to pursue a standard healthy lifestyle to improve on immunity and diminish any further infectious risks.Hiv aids information

Immunization by means of vaccination is as well recommended for patients who have not yet developed full blown HIV contagion. One also needs to take full care that sterilized apparatus are the only ones used for injection purposes or for blood transfusion.

Much more, women who do suffer from HIV need to avoid getting pregnant. Alternatively they may also consider some professional treatment to avert transmission of the disease over to an unborn child. As for preventive HIV aids information measures, safe sex can be practiced to prevent AIDS.

Moreover, support & care of close ones will as well assist the patient cope with this condition meaningfully.

AIDS may as well be caused by sharing of unsterilized needles especially amongst drug abusers. It is wise to avoid getting hooked to hard drugs so as to avert chances of contaminating this dangerous disease. You can do this by choosing wisely the group of people who you hang out with.

Statistics of HIV/AIDS to think about

AIDS is also known to be offset by promiscuity especially amongst married couples. Statistics do show that married people contract this disease at a higher rate than the bachelors. This is particularly because they do trust each other so much that they don’t use protection during intercourse. But either one of the couple may be sleeping around with others, and could have contracted HIV at the peril of the other spouse.

WHO HIV aids information statistics show that around 2 million persons die on an annual basis due to AIDS infectivity. On average there have been around 27 million cases of death resulted from this human travesty. Throughout history there hasn’t been any other infectious disease worse than the disastrous AIDS.

Countries of low & middle earnings have suffered worse fate, particularly those of African & Asian descent. Statistics from HIV aids information also show that nearly 90% the entire cases of AIDS are observed within the currently developing countries, but also the urbanized countries aren’t untouched with this ever escalating pandemic as they cover the remaining 10%.

By the year 2010 November UNAIDS estimated that nearly 33.3 million persons were already living with this killer disease. And out of this proportion 50% were women. In Africa HIV can simply be said to be a nemesis as it has cleared whole families and still continues to do so up to date. The HIV strain of virus is like no other common one since it has the ability to mutate within very short time periods thereby making it very difficult for physicians to diagnose any one comprehensive medication.