Before thinking about the early signs of HIV in women you should know that the human immunodeficiency virus can affect women at just any age.

About 90% of the people notice the symptoms a few weeks after they contract the infection. The first symptoms mean that the body is trying to fight the virus.

Swollen lymph nodes

Early-Signs-of-HIV-in-WomenThis is one of the most common symptoms of the infection. These nodes can be found in the neck under the ear. These can be painless but they could feel sore due to the swelling. You can feel them by applying light pressure, but usually you can’t see them with the naked eye.

Sore throat

This is another one of the women’s early HIV symptoms. Women with acute infection may notice having a sore throat. The tonsils can be swollen too. These symptoms are just like the symptoms of flu. This is why in many cases women dismiss them thinking that they’re nothing.


The first few weeks after the infection women may notice mild fever as one of the early signs of HIV in women. It is also possible for the fever to be high enough for women to seek medical help. This might be the time when they find out that they have been infected with HIV.


Fatigue is one of the earliest signs of HIV infection in women. It usually appears during the first few weeks after women get infected. It might send women to bed. Other women give it no importance and they go on with their regular everyday routines.


According to the specialists one of the early signs of HIV in women is headache. A lot of infected people say that during the initial stages they experienced headaches quite often. Usually the headaches are mild, something like the headaches that you have when you have the flu.


When the body responds to the infection, one of the earliest symptoms of HIV in women appears and this is the rash. In the majority of the cases there will be dark and small bumps. They can be found on back, chest and neck. However they can be located on just any part of the body.

As you can see it is difficult to recognize the early signs of HIV in women because they are nonspecific and usually they resemble the common flu so many of us easily ignore.