AIDS is still a killer at large, with there being no real cure for it or vaccine to prevent it. Now, however, studies have shown the way to significantly decrease risk of women for developing this deadly disease.

aids patientIn a study conducted by researchers in South African communities with high AIDS incidence, women used a vaginal microbicidal gel containing an antiretroviral medication.

This medication Tenofovir is used to treat AIDS and was seen to significantly decrease risk of HIV infection.

Women who used this gel reduced their risk by as much as 39% and those who used it regularly, actually reduced their risk of infection by as much as 54%. This product is still in its developmental stages and it could be years before it can be made commercially available.

This finding is being touted as a “game changer” since it makes it possible to put in the hands of women, effective protection against AIDS for the first time. The gel can be inserted 12 hours prior to intercourse, so that they need neither the consent nor the knowledge of their partner to put this into practice.

This offers the sort of control to a woman, which was hitherto unavailable. If mass produced, the gel could cost as little as 25 cents per use.