HPV is the abbreviated form of the human papillomavirus. This is the most common kind of STD or sexually transmitted disease which affects human beings and manifests itself in the form of genital warts and certain kinds of cancers. It can occasionally affect the mouth and the throat as well. Generally the HPV induced symptoms are curable and there are some herbal remedies for HPV also which a person suffering from it can give a try. HPV affects most human beings at one point in their life even if they practice safe sex and this is a really commonly occurring condition.

Herbal Remedies for HPV

Some of the Common Herbal Remedies for HPV

  • One of the common herbal remedies which can be used to treat this kind of genital disease is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil must be rubbed onto the infected part of the male or female genitalia in order to start the healing process for HPV. This not only provides great relief from the constant itching and soreness that accompanies the symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease, it also helps to completely eliminate the wart in question.
  • Thuja Oil is another herbal product which can help in providing relief from HPV. This is an antiviral remedy which is used for genital warts and it is said that Thuja Oil stimulates certain cells in the immune system. These cells are effective in killing viruses or viral infected cells.
  • Another herbal remedy for treatment of HPV is by using Astragalus.  This is an herbal medicine which has a strong immune system stimulating property. It also possesses several antiviral properties and activates the p-53 gene which in turn is responsible for stimulating the production of interleukin-2 which destroys HPV.
  • Goldenseal root also has many antiviral properties which make it an effective herbal product that fights against HPV and destroys it. This can be taken either orally or can also be applied directly to genital warts as a tincture. Goldenseal must be used with other herbal medicines to enhance its abilities.