In case you are interested in the hepatitis C transmission facts you should know that the virus causing the condition can be transmitted through blood and any kind of blood products. It is possible for the source to be indirect, such as a used razor. As a result this condition becomes more transmissible than the other blood born viruses.

Hepatitis C Transmission Facts

Facts about Hepatitis C Transmission

Many people have been infected with the virus during the 1970s and 1980s as a result of blood transfusion. In this period, the rate of infection after blood transfusion has been of 8%-10%. Blood screening developed only during the 1990s and so the infection rate has lowered.


The body piercing practices and tattooing should also be taken into consideration when thinking about the facts about hepatitis C transmission. Acupuncture and ear piercing have also contributed to the transmission of the infection. Needle stick injuries are responsible for numerous infections as well.

Drug Use

One of the most important factors for hepatitis C transmission is drug use, especially IV drug use. This is the source of 30%-40% of all infections. This is because, just as in case of HIV infections, the users are sharing their needles.

According to some of the studies regarding the truth about hepatitis C transmission, the transmission rate among drug users is of 50%, while other studies show an infection rate of 100%. The cocaine users can also contract the infection through sharing the snorting straws.

Sexual Activity

Numerous homosexual and heterosexual activities can result in the transmission of the infection. The mode of transmission in this case is not fully understood, but those in long-term monogamous relationships are advised to not change their habits.


The specialists claim regarding the hepatitis C transmission truth that it is possible to contract the virus even if you are living with an infected person. In the same time it is also possible for an infected mother to pass on the infection to her baby.

In order to avoid getting infected, it is best to find out as much as possible about the hepatitis C transmission facts and take measures to avoid the situations in which one could get infected.