Treatment for gonorrhea is normally administered using antibiotics. This is because many patients that are affected by the condition also have Chlamydia.

In the recent past, there were several medications that were used in treatment of the condition, but CDC has removed many of them in their list of recommended medications as a result of the high inefficiency of the drugs. There is only a single class of gonorrhea regimen that is remaining at the moment.

This implies that patients should ensure that they take the prescribed drugs as instructed and ensure to complete the dose since failing to take the medication as required can make the condition become tolerant and there is no other class of effective drugs.Treatment for gonorrhea

Development of resistance from the drugs can make the condition mean that the patient will have to combat with the condition forever as there is no any other effective cure for gonorrhea.

Treatment for gonorrhea application

The application of gonorrhea regimen is administered mainly depending on the location of the infection. The condition can be found either in the genitals or in the throat.

The infection in the throat is rather complex to treat hence often calls for extensive treatment method. Conditions that have also spread past the primary infection location such as epidymitis or pelvic inflammatory disease may also require advanced treatment procedure.

It is recommended that gonorrhea treatment to be offered together with your sexual partners. Failure of both of you getting the treatment, you will end up passing the disease to and from one another. Patients are also advised to abstain from sex in the course of the treatment program which can last for up to a week.

Wait until the symptoms of the disease clear off before you resume sex to avoid infecting your partners. In case you are not able to abstain when you are taking the treatment for gonorrhea, then ensure that you have protected sexual encounters by using condoms even if it is oral sex.

Regimen for gonorrhea persistence

Generally, statistics show that persons who are infected by the condition have a high risk of suffering from the condition once more in future. This should not be misinterpreted to mean that the treatment program is not effective. Gonorrhea is just a stubborn illness that is hard to eliminate and hence patients should revisit the clinic after every three months just for routine checkups for traces of the infection.

The treatment for gonorrhea is normally convenient since the patient only requires a single dose that can be taken either orally or administered through an injection.

Nonetheless, there are some antibiotics that may require longer courses hence ensure to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Expectant mothers affected by gonorrhea as well as person below the age of 18 should ensure to inform their doctor this information since there are regimen for gonorrhea that are not suitable for expectant mothers and patients below 18 years.

Gonorrhea infection complication

Failure of seeking treatment for gonorrhea on time can result in serious condition in both genders. In ladies, the condition can cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). This condition results in scarring of reproductive organs and ectopic pregnancies. It also causes infertility in both men and women.